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In a situation where a person is in a period of acclimatization to buy pioglitazone online, as well as in conditions of increased mental and physical activity, it is advisable to use Aerovit 1 tablet 1 r / day. Patients in the rehabilitation period after a severe form of cardiac, neurological pathology and surgical treatment are recommended to use course therapy with the multivitamin drug Decamevit, 1 tablet 2 times a day for 20 days. Patients with hypovitaminosis of group A and vitamins of group B in moderate form, it is advisable to use Geksavit 1 tablet 2 r / day.

The use of specific drugs in injectable or oral form containing a high saturating concentration of actos pills or another vitamin is indicated only after a laboratory blood test and confirmation of hypovitaminosis of a certain vitamin group. The indication for the use of a vitamin A preparation is the presence of specific clinical manifestations, as well as a reduced serum retinol concentration of less than 0.4 В�mol / l. Treatment consists in the use of diet therapy enriched with foods containing a large amount of vitamin A (egg yolk, sea fish liver, carrots, sea buckthorn). The scheme of drug therapy consists in the use of Vitamin A at a dose of 10,000 IU intramuscularly in combination with 20 mg of Riboflavin in a course of 3 weeks.

Treatment of hypovitaminosis D should be started immediately at the first signs of rickets in children, as well as x-ray confirmation of osteoporotic bone tissue restructuring in patients of the adult age category. Diet therapy consists in saturating the adult diet with a sufficient amount of fish oil and butter, and early introduction of the first complementary foods is recommended for infants. Drug replacement therapy is carried out with an aqueous or alcoholic solution of vitamin D in a therapeutic saturating daily dose of 3000 IU for a course of 45 days. Then the dose of actos drug is recommended to be reduced to 400 IU and used daily for a year.

In order to eliminate the signs of muscle atrophy, patients with hypovitaminosis D are shown to use exercise therapy and massage. With the existing individual intolerance to the synthetic preparation of vitamin D, the patient should be prescribed physiotherapy with the use of ultraviolet irradiation sessions for two months.

Treatment of group E hypovitaminosis is recommended only in a situation where the level of pioglitazone in the blood serum drops to 0.8 mg. Drug treatment consists in the use of pioglitazone acetate in a daily dose of 30 mg for a month, followed by a prophylactic dosage of 8 mg. It is better to start treatment of group C hypovitaminosis with diet therapy, since synthetic vitamin C preparations have a wide range of contraindications for use (pregnancy, diabetesdiabetes, nephropathy). For this purpose, the patient is recommended to introduce fresh berry crops and citrus fruits into the daily diet. Drug therapy for hypovitaminosis of this type is carried out by oral intake of vitamin C in a daily dose of 100 mg.

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As a rule, hypovitaminosis of group K is accompanied by severe clinical manifestations, therefore, treatment of patients of any age category should be carried out in a hospital setting of a medical institution in order to avoid possible complications in the form of massive bleeding. Drug therapy should be carried out under the control of the main indicators of the coagulogram. With a slight deficiency of actos medication, an oral form of the drug should be used at 30 mg per day. A pronounced lack of vitamin K is subject to correction by Fitamenadione in a daily dose of 20 mg subcutaneously.

Treatment of group B hypovitaminosis consists in prescribing oral drugs at an average therapeutic dosage (Vitamin B1 at a dose of 10 mg, vitamin B6 at 50 mg, vitamin B9 at a dose of 1 mg / day).

Isolated vitamin deficiency of the PP group is subject to medical correction using Rutin 0.02 g three times a day for at least 6 weeks. It is also necessary to make additional fortification of ready-made dishes immediately before their use. For example, concentrated rosehip syrup can be added to the finished compote.

A preventive measure to prevent hypovitaminosis should be considered the elimination of the causes of vitamin deficiency, namely. timely deworming of the intestines, prevention of dysbacteriosis when taking antibacterial drugs, timely treatment of chronic diseases of the intestines and stomach.

Drug prophylaxis is used in the case of a reliably transferred hypovitaminosis of one type or another in history and consists in the use of drugs in a prophylactic dosage even in the absence of clinical manifestations of vitamin deficiency.

Preventive measures to buy cheap actos hypovitaminosis D are most often used in the neonatal and infancy of the child and consist of daily insolation, promotion of natural breastfeeding and daily intake of an aqueous solution of vitamin D (Aquadetrim at a dose of 400 IU during the year). The adult category of people, as a rule, is not subject to prophylactic vitamin D medication, with the exception of pregnant women, whose third trimester falls in the winter. This category of pregnant women should take vitamin D at a dose of 400 IU before delivery as a prevention of the development of a congenital form of rickets in a newborn child.

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Thus, a history of xerophthalmia and hemeralopia, which were a manifestation of hypovitaminosis A, is an indication for the use of a course of vitamin A in a prophylactic dosage of 3300 IU, a course of 1 month twice a year.

Prevention of hypovitaminosis K is used in pediatrics only in a situation where a woman in labor during pregnancy took Difenin. In this case, the prophylactic dose of Fitamenadione is 0.5 mg intramuscularly 1 time immediately after birth and 6 hours later as a prophylaxis for the development of hemorrhagic complications in a child. Prophylactic use of vitamin K preparations for women during pregnancy is not used, since these drugs have an extremely negative toxic effect on the developing fetus.

Prevention of hypovitaminosis of group B consists in the timely diagnosis and treatment of cheap pioglitazone pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and the prophylactic administration of oral multivitamin complexes containing all groups of vitamins in a prophylactic dosage (Neurovitan 1 tablet 2 r / day for 2 weeks).

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance.

At the slightest suspicion of the presence of this disease, be sure to consult a doctor! Hypovitaminosis C. Symptoms and treatment of hypovitaminosis C.

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